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KN95 protective mask can effectively filter PM2.5, droplets, industrial dust and haze, etc. A KN95 protective mask is composed of skin-friendly non-woven fabric, two layers of melt-blown fabric, hot air cotton and waterproof non-woven fabric. The melt-blown fabric grade of the mask produced by our company can reach above 95, which can effectively filter dust and droplets. The inner layer of non-woven fabric is skin-friendly, clean and soft, which can contact with the face directly. The outer layer of non-woven fabric is waterproof, which can effectively prevent the penetration of droplets. The above five layers of protective filter material guarantee your respiratory health.

Specification: 15.2 * 10.5 cm

Ingredients: 50g non-woven cloth, 2 layers of 25g melting spray cloth, 50g hot air cotton, 25g non-woven cloth

Non-woven fabric 54%, melt spray fabric 24.5%, hot air cotton 21.5%

Non-woven fabric: KN95 width 260, one-time 175 width

Molten spray detection: 32 flow detection for single-layer molten spray cloth, 85 flow detection for double-layer molten spray cloth (KN95 finished product detection)

Current qualifications: GB2626-2006, GB2626-2019, FDA

Accessories: built-in bridge of nose (90cm, double core, aluminum-plastic material), ear strap (PPC and wire, elastic rope, 0.5mm flat strap, 230cm long (±10), pulling back 1kg, pulling forward 3kg)

Point ear: Double point ear

Production process: a. incoming composite forming: install the coil, the outermost 50 g non-woven fabric, two layer of melt-blown fabric, a layer of warm air 25 g non-woven cotton, the innermost, automatic feeding shear built-in bridge of the nose, five layers of cloth ultrasonic composite, embossing, a forming, cutting, folding, sealing side can produce 100 masks sheet per minute (forming the sample)

B. Ultrasonic spot welding lugs: semi-automatic double spot welding lugs, four welding spots of a mask can be completed twice on AB surface, which is accurate and efficient through the positioning of standard mold.

Packaging information:

Single chip bag: 13*13cm

Packing box of 20 pieces: 13*14*11cm

1200 pieces packing case

Tank gauge: 54 * 43 * 57 cm

Gross weight: 13.2 KG

Product video display

(1) five layers of protection: Skin-friendly non-woven layer, hot air cotton, 2 layers of melt-blown fabric and waterproof non-woven fabric.

(2) The core of KN95 mask is a melt-blown cloth. Our KN95 is made more than 95% of double layer melt-blown cloth so that it can be better dustproof, anti - haze, anti - droplet and so on.

(3) Use the best hot air cotton. Hot air cotton is a filling material of N95 mask, which belongs to one of the synthetic fiber filter cotton. It has the characteristics of high loft, good elasticity, soft feel, strong heat retention, good permeability and so on.

(4) Non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmental protection materials, with breathable and waterproof, environmental protection advantages.

Our product advantages

Our Products are in line with domestic and international standards.

Instructions for use

(1)Put your mask like this picture showing (2)Position the mask against the chin, covering mouth and nose. (3)Hold the mask by the ear loops, and place a loop around each ear. (4)Pinch the nose strip to conform the shape of your nose. Check mask tightness before entering work area.

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