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Face shield are used to protect the face and neck from flying metal debris, harmful gases, liquid spillage, metal and high temperature solvent dust.

The Face shield structure:

1. The cap body

The cap body is located in front of it and has a wide brim.

2. Fixed hole

There are no fixed holes on both sides of the cap body, and round teeth are arranged around the fixed holes.

(1) the head

The head ring is located in the center to make the head comfortable.

(2) the stator

The end of the fixed piece is provided with a buckle part which can be twisted forward, and the buckle part is provided with a dash point, and a groove corresponding to the dash point is provided with the fixed piece.

(3) the earmuffs

The earmuffs are fixed to the support frame, and the top edge of the earmuffs is provided with a chute, and the chute is provided with a positioning groove, and the rack at both ends is threaded into the chute, and the chute is provided with a ventilated perforation below.

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